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Proxima has extensive experience in protein chemistry, expression, and purification. Our team can efficiently express and purify a vast array of proteins in bacterial, yeast, or mammalian cell systems.  Proxima can carry out purifications to customer specifications of activity and purity or develop novel methodologies and assays as needed.

We can also provide proteins with virtually any conjugation your research requires including HRP, AP, fluorophores, biotin, or “click chemistry” compatible conjugates. We can also easily produce custom resin conjugates of any protein for use in affinity chromatography applications.  Proxima also specializes in purification of native proteins from natural sources.

In addition, Proxima offers standard rates on production of HIS-tagged proteins in E. coli. If there is a protein you use regularly, whether an enzyme, assay component, or tissue culture additive, Proxima can likely make it for you for less than you are paying now.

Deposit An Expression Vector With Proxima – $375

Submit your expression vector and we’ll sequence it, transform it, archive a glycerol stock, and provide you with detailed QC and sequence information. Whenever you need more of the encoded protein simply order it and Proxima will ship it to you. Includes one year of maintenance.

Expression Vector Maintenance Fee – $150 per year

Yearly storage fee for previously deposited expression vectors. Includes a yearly QC analysis. Billed yearly on the deposit date.

One Milligram His-Tagged Protein, Bacterial Expression, >95% Pure – $1900

Once you have deposited an expression vector with Proxima, receive one milligram of the encoded HIS-tagged protein expressed in E. coli and purified to >95% homogeneity.

One Milligram His-Tagged Protein, Bacterial Expression, >95% Pure, Including Cloning – $3400

If you don’t already have a vector for expression of your protein of interest, combine our vector construction and protein expression services for one low price. Specify your target protein sequence and Proxima will optimize it for bacterial expression, construct the necessary vector, verify it’s sequence by NGS, and provide you with one milligram of the encoded HIS-tagged protein purified to >95% homogeneity.

Need A Different Tag? Need A Different Expression Platform? No Problem!

Proxima can also efficiently produce and purify proteins tagged with TAP, MBP, GST, Fc, V5, and many others for similar costs to production of HIS-tagged proteins. We can also efficiently produce them in yeast and mammalian model systems at affordable rates. We can also devise purification methodologies for ensuring protein activity. So, if you need something beyond basic E. coli expressed HIS-tagged proteins contact us for a free consultation and quote.

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