Vector Construction And
Archiving Services

Ensure your precious DNA vectors are kept safe and accurate by depositing them with Proxima. Upon deposit we completely sequence your vector using NGS methodologies and provide the resulting data as a quality control reference. Then, when you need more vector, simply order it from Proxima like any other catalogue item and receive it, sequence verified, sterile, and pure. By eliminating tedious and potentially error prone plasmid maintenance and preparation steps you can focus on what is truly important – your research. We also offer bulk discounts, so the more vectors you archive with Proxima the lower your price!

Deposit A Vector With Proxima – $375

Submit your vector and we’ll sequence it, transform it, archive a glycerol stock, and provide you with detailed QC and sequence information. Includes one year of maintenance, sequence file, and vector map.

Vector Maintenance Fee – $150 per year

Yearly storage fee for previously deposited vectors. Includes a yearly QC analysis. Billed yearly on the deposit date.

Order Vector From Archive – $115

Whenever you need to retrieve your vector from the archive simply let us know and for the above fee you will receive 5 µg vector DNA.

Order Vector From Archive, 500 UG Scale – $960

Receive five hundred micrograms of your vector, sterile and transfection-grade. Comes with NGS and purity QC.

Vector Construction – $2200

Supply your backbone and we’ll perform NGS sequencing to verify it, clone your insert(s) of choice, and sequence the product by NGS. Includes 5 µg vector DNA, sequence file, and vector map.

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