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Proxima Launches Services for the Brewing Industry

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Proxima is pleased to announce the official launch of our line of analytical services for the brewing industry. These accessible, inexpensive, and easy to understand tests can provide invaluable data for quality control and to guide recipe development at all stages of your brewing process. Low Cost & Rapid Turnaround Traditionally, cost has made the…

Bioprospecting for new yeasts with novel characteristics

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The word ‘domestication’ conjures images of dogs, cats, cows, and other pets and farmyard animals, descendants of wild ancestors from thousands of years ago. Surprisingly, the humble yeast that ferments your beer and leavens your bread is also a domesticated organism: a little critter by the name of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, also known as Brewer’s or…

Happy first birthday, Proxima!

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This month Proxima Research & Development is celebrating our first year in business.  Over the past year we have fully furnished and equipped our office and laboratory space at 2404 Thayer Avenue in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – allowing us to officially launch our full suite of services.  We’ve grown and diversified our team and are set…

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