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Affordable scientific services for the Brewing Industry

Proxima combines our experience and expertise in microbiology, biochemistry, and genetics with a passionate interest in yeast, brewing, and fermentation. We understand that in-house labs are often cost prohibitive for any but the largest breweries and wineries. That’s why Proxima offers cost-sensitive options to allow even the smallest producers access to the top-quality analytical information they need to guide their brewing or vinting journey.

Our basic services include starch and carbohydrate testing, as well as microscopic and microbiological analysis. We also provide high-throughput screening of yeast strains or ingredients in small-batch fermentations to assist in product development. Proxima has cutting edge expertise and technology that allows us to combine useful characteristics from various strains into one yeast strain with the desired properties, including by use of CRISPR.

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Rapid Turnaround Service

Select clients are eligible for our rapid turnaround service. With rapid turnaround, clients can receive their results within two hours of receipt of samples by Proxima. Proxima also offers easy shipping or pickup of samples as part of the rapid turnaround service. Contact us for more details!

Small Batch Ingredient and Yeast Screening

Trying to find the right combination of yeast, malt, hops, grapes, or must for your recipe? Proxima can perform high-throughput small batch fermentations which allow efficient and affordable screening of large numbers of yeast and ingredient combinations. We can mash, mix, and ferment at high-throughput and provide a variety of analytical outputs or provide bottled samples for a classic taste-test.

Custom Strain Construction and Genetics Services

 Proxima can provide an abundance of other services directed at developing your own unique yeast strains. Proxima has cutting edge expertise and technology that allows us to combine useful characteristics from various strains into one yeast strain with the desired properties. We can also leverage our genetics experience to perform genetic screens for desirable traits such as high beta-lyase activity or low phenolic production to support development of strains that provide your desired characteristics. We are also experts at developing in-house assays and genetic testing for our customers and we can provide training and technical support to your staff as you implement and develop your in-house yeast research. We also have experience in unusual beer yeasts such as Lachancia and Brettanomyces.
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Key Services for the Brewing Industry

Below is a list of key services Proxima provides to the brewing industry. It is by no means an exhaustive list and we can deploy known, or develop novel, assays for virtually anything you care to measure. Consultations are always free, and we welcome the opportunity to help customers access scientific services and expertise at affordable rates for smaller enterprises. This includes offering bulk discounts on the services below, so contact us for a quote and the Proxima team will get to work on helping you achieve your brewing goals.

Strain Archiving

If you have yeast or bacterial strains that you like to use in your brewing and want to have them safely stored and available for later use, then Proxima offers the strain archiving services you need. We maintain your strain in controlled optimum laboratory conditions, use modern genetic techniques to ensure identification and fidelity, and resupply you with healthy cultures when you want to use your strain again. Strains deposited with Proxima remain the sole property of the depositor, and we never distribute your strain or use it without your permission.

Deposit a Strain with Proxima – $375 one-time fee

Simply provide us with a sample of the yeast or bacteria you want to deposit. We’ll apply specialized techniques to develop a genetic fingerprint of your strain and use it to ensure accurate future identification. We then archive and store samples of your yeast using laboratory-grade methods. These archived samples can be used to culture your yeast for you upon request. Includes one year of archiving. Billed upon receipt of strain.

Strain Maintenance Fee – $150 per strain per year

Yearly storage fee for previously deposited strains. Includes regular viability checks. Billed yearly on the deposit date.

Order Strain from Archive – $85 per strain per order

The next time you want to brew with your favorite yeast, simply order it from the archive. We’ll grow it up for you and provide a healthy culture of your yeast strain. Fee includes culture volume up to 50 mL. Larger volumes available upon request – contact us for pricing. Typical delivery within 14 days.

Yeast Species Identification – $150 per sample

Send a sample of your yeast and we’ll culture it and use DNA sequencing to identify the species. A great resource to support your internal R&D efforts when developing new strains, diagnosing fermentation issues, or isolating yeasts from wild fermentations or other sources. Typical turnaround 15 business days from receipt of sample.

Microscopic Analysis for Contamination – $18 per sample

Samples of wort, beer, or other similar materials are subjected to microscopic examination by Proxima scientists to detect contamination by bacteria or unusual yeasts, evaluate yeast vitality, and detect the presence of protein aggregates, crystalline materials, and other sources of turbidity in beers and similar samples. Includes microscopic image of your sample and a brief report describing the findings. Turn-around time 1 business day and eligible for our rapid turnaround.

Microbiological Analysis for Bacteria and Yeasts – $25 per sample

Plating of your wort, beer, or other sample on media selective for bacteria and yeasts. An affordable alternative to more involved contamination testing, this test will give you a rapid indication of the presence of yeasts or bacteria in your sample. Turn-around time 1 – 3 business days.

Yeast Cell Count and Viability – $25 per sample

Proxima will provide a cell count and viability of your yeast sample. Very useful for ensuring adequate levels of cells with re-pitching or pitching from older yeast samples or after posting up in your facility. After cold crashing or flocculation, yeast cell count and viability is valid for at least 5 days after the analysis, so this is a great option for testing and verifying yeast preparations before pitching.  Turn-around time 1 business day, eligible for our rapid turnaround service.

Total Fermentable Carbohydrate (Sugar) Analysis – $25 per sample

This test will give you an idea of the total fermentable content of your sample, and is particularly useful when designing a new recipe, monitoring the progress of mashing, diagnosing a stalled fermentation, or for quality control. Turn-around time 1 business day and eligible for our rapid turnaround.

Total Carbohydrate Analysis – $25 per sample

 This is a great compliment to the total fermentable carbohydrate analysis. This test provides the total carbohydrates (sugars), fermentable and non-fermentable, present in the sample. By subtracting the amount of fermentable carbohydrate from the amount of total carbohydrate provides the amount of non-fermentable carbohydrates like maltodextrin. This can be very useful when designing a new recipe or for quality control in ensuring efficient mashing. Turn-around time 1 business day and eligible for our rapid turnaround.

Total Fermentable Carbohydrate/Total Carbohydrate Analysis Combo – $40 per sample

 Bundle the complimentary Total Fermentable Carbohydrate and Total Carbohydrate Analyses above for a lower total price. This test is especially useful in distinguishing failure of mashing (lack of fermentable carbohydrates) from stalled fermentation. Turn-around time 1 business day and eligible for our rapid turnaround.

Total Starch Analysis – $25 per sample

 This test measures the total quantity of amylopectin and amylose (starch) present in the sample. This can be particularly useful for monitoring the progress of mashing when developing new recipes and for quality control. Turn-around time 1 business day and eligible for our rapid turnaround.

SRM Determination – $15 per sample

Determine the SRM of your beer or wort directly by spectrophotometry.

Protein content of wort or beer – $25

Determines the protein content of your beer or wort.

Total Wort to Beer Analysis – $125 per sample pair, one sample of starting wort and one sample of finished beer

 This suite of assays includes total carbohydrate, fermentable carbohydrate, total starch, and protein analysis of a sample of your pre-pitch wort. Generally, there isn’t time during a brewing run to perform real time analysis of the brewing process, but by submitting a sample of your pre-pitch wort and your finished beer for our Total Wort to Beer Analysis you can monitor quality control from batch to batch. Analysis of wort and beer samples is also very useful when designing new recipes as it can provide valuable information and feedback about mashing and fermentation steps. Having tangible data in hand facilitates better batch to batch consistency and helps to identify sources of variation. Turn-around time 1 business day and eligible for our rapid turnaround.

Beta-Glucosidase Yeast Assay – $175 per sample

The enzyme beta-glucosidase is important for creation of yeast-origin flavoring compounds through biotransformation of compounds in hops and malt. This assay tests your yeast strain to determine the amount of beta-glucosidase it produces. Yeast strains with higher beta-glucosidase produce more citrus, fruity, and floral aromas and are associated with greater overall hop aroma intensity.

Beta-Lyase Yeast Assay – $175 per sample

The enzyme beta-lyase is critical for creation of yeast-origin flavoring compounds of fruity character (pineapple, passionfruit, juicy, floral, or tropical) through biotransformation of compounds in hops and malt. This assay tests your yeast strain to determine the amount of beta-lyase it produces. Strains with higher beta-lyase produce more tropical and fruity aromas from hop and malt precursors.

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