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Microscopy in Brewing: Applications and Advantages

The microscope has long held a place as an important tool in the brewery. Proxima is taking the application of microscopy to the next level as part of our line of affordable and approachable brewing industry services. Read on to find out all the ways the microscope can add valuable information to your brewing operations….

Plasmid vectors: journey’s end

The end of a plasmid vector’s journey is purification and quantification. Reliable purification of high-quality plasmid vector DNA is straightforward using commercially available kits and a few extra tips. This, and an understanding of how to use UV-visual spectroscopy of DNA solutions to assess quantity and purity, will equip you with all the key skills to ensure quality plasmid vector DNA preparations.

The culture wars

Plasmid vectors are ubiquitous in modern biological research and are produced in quantity by culture and subsequent extraction and purification from the bacterial host E. coli. This post outlines how to properly culture plasmid-hosing E. coli to ensure consistently high yields of plasmid vectors. Plasmid vectors are an essential, ubiquitous, and powerful tool in modern…

Plasmid vectors: the mystery vector

Plasmid vectors are key to modern biological research but can be prone to misidentification and loss through a variety of laboratory mishaps. This post outlines some easy steps you can take to confidently recover lost or misidentified plasmid vectors. Plasmid vectors are an essential, ubiquitous, and powerful tool in modern life science research, yet they…

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